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History of the Mill

The Mill at Fakenham (date unknown)

The causeway and Mill at Fakenham in Victorian times

The Mill was built in the 1780s and functioned as a working mill until 1980. It had several distinct areas; the silo for drying, the mill itself, the corn store and offices. The last company to operate the mill as a working mill was a firm called Dewing and Kearsley. I have volunteered to help with compiling the town archive and I am hoping this will give me a chance to research the mill's history.

I suppose the first time I became aware of the mill which was to become our home was some forty years ago when we moved to Norfolk. I used to drive past it each day from the village where we lived to my place of work in Fakenham. The back of the mill was a jumble of bits added on over the years but the front looking out over the mill pond was not much different in appearance to what it is today. For the life of me I cannot remember the tall chimney so maybe that was demolished prior to us moving to the area.

In 1980 the mill ceased to operate as a working mill and plans were lodged to turn it into private homes, the lower end was turned into three cottage style dwellings but the rest of the mill was neglected and continued to deteriorate and fall into disrepair.

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