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Spring Again

Wow what can I say what a fabulous, glorious, marvellous day. Won?t tell you where I was ?cos if you can?t guess you?re well off the pace.

It was the sort of day when the Thyme and Rosemary perfumed the air without being brushed against, where the resin in our wooden bench added the fragrance of freshly sawn wood. If this is heaven it will do me very nicely, I do not need better than this I am not greedy. I removed the last of the dead wood from the trees some small branches fell on me, on my head even, but it did not matter I?d had enough anaesthetic by then not to care.

Simple lunch ciabatto bread, tomatoes, cheese and black coffee.

This evening I shall make a mild Chilli con Carne which we will eat with garlic bread, fresh salad and salad potatoes accompanied by a robust Chianti.

Going out at 10 o?clock this morning and staying out all day, in April for god?s sake, what bliss. Am I running on? Am I sounding happy and content? You bet your cotton socks I am.

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